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LingCod Fishing in Brookings, Oregon

Come Fish with Captain David!

Captian David Castellanos is a Master Fishing Guide who will give you 100% of his expertise when you book a fishing trip with Brookings River & Ocean Fishing. Let a seasoned Charter Captain be your guide when you fish Ling Cod with David. His level of accomplished skill & expertise, combined with knowledge of local fisheries, provides your group, family & friends with fun, memorable & highly successful Ling Cod trips each season. Dave welcomes all skill levels, from beginner to expert. Book your Ling Cod fishing trip for amazing saltwater fishing charters with Brookings River & Ocean Fishing. Come Fishing for Ling Cod, Rock Cod, Halibut, Tuna, & King Salmon. Take a weekend Ling Cod fishing trip!

Enjoy Crabbing while Fishing

Ling Cod Fishing

Come & enjoy a terrific fishing adventure while Crabbing! While your Fishing for Rock Cod, Ling Cod, Halibut, Tuna & King Salmon you could also be crabbing! Anglers, during crab season as we leave for our adventure, we will bait the crab pots & drop them in the ocean. Such a great group & family fun activity! While enjoying a great fishing experience with Captain Dave, your actually catching the crab of the day. On the way back into shore, we pick up the crab pots & retrieve your crab dinner.

Ling Cod Fishing

Ling Cod Fishing Trips

The Ling Cod is also known as the buffalo cod or cultus cod, and is a fish of the greenling family. 25% of Ling Cods have blue-green to turquoise flesh, when cooked the flesh turns white. The Ling cod in Oregon has been found to be as big as 60 inches with a weight of 130 pounds. A Lingcod is a popular eating fish, and prized by anglers. They are a very tasty type of fish caught in salt water. They are found on the bottom, with most occupying rocky areas at depths of 32 to 328 feet. Let me take you to the bottom for a fishing trip with supreme sized LingCod in Brookings, Ocean. We offer both deep sea fishing, ocean charter fishing &, freshwater fishing.

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Ling Cod Fishing  - Ling Cod Charters

Best Ling Cod Fishing
Spots in Southern Oregon!

We also offer the following Fishing Trips:

  • Private & Group Deep Sea Fishing Trip Packages
  • Ocean Charters for Events or Company Outings
  • Oregon Fishing Trip Vacation Packages, book a full week as a gift!
  • The Economy Ling Cod Fishing, Crab Fishing Trip Package
  • The Super Deluxe Ling Cod, Crab Fishing Trip Package

  • Ling Cod Fishing

    Fishing for Ling Cod

    To catch these beautiful large sized Ling Cod you just have to be where they are, and that’s on the bottom. Let me take you out on a unique & enjoyable fishing trip with friends & family. Captain David has a life time of experience to share with you.
  • Book a fishing day with coworkers
  • Book a fising day for a corporate company event
  • Birthday & Christmas Fishing Trip gits for loved ones
  • Come & show the wife or girlfriend how we fish for Lock Cod

  • Ling Cod Fishing

    Big Lingcod caught daily
    at Brookings Lingcod Fishing Charter.
    Contact David at (541) 698-7029

    Ling Cod Fishing

    Look at that catch! These guys are having a blast! Join in on the fun! Join us for a Fishing Trip with Brookings Lingcod Fishing in Brookings, Oregon

    Ling Cod Fishing  - Ling Cod Charters

    Ling Cod Fishing Charters in Brookings

    Book a Fishing Charter to visit the area & have a fishing day with friends or family. The Ling Cod Super Deluxe package allows you to bring a maximum group size of 6 people per trip. They will enjoy the tastey fish menu of Ling Cod when they come home with the prize catch. Ling Cod are a very interesting looking bottom fish. They have huge mouths and instinctively hang out in the rocks on the bottom ready to eat, so they are fairly easy to catch. The group of you will enjoy the day in anticipation of the catch both Ling Cod & Crab. Ling Cod are a unique looking fish, but really taste delicious, if you are an avid fish eater.

    Ling Cod Charters

    This was a great fishing day! The day crabs were biting, the Lingcod were hungry & the weather was perfect!

    Ling Cod Charters

    Bring the kids & family on a LingCod Fishing Trip in Brookings, Oregon!

    Call Captian Dave to schedule your trip
    (541) 698-7029

    Ling Cod are some of the best tasting fish in the ocean. A fun day fishing on the water, and you bring home a fresh batch of Lingcod for a fish fest on the week end! Come spend a fun day with me & learn more about the native Lingcod and how to catch them.

    - LingCod Fishing Trips -

    From Dusk 'Till Dawn, I Keep Fishin' On!
    (541) 698-7029

    At Brookings Ling Cod of Brookings, Oregon we are dedicated to providing the best experience on our fishing charters. Since the first time he worked as a guide in Alaska in 1997, owner David Castellanos has had a love fishing unequaled. Twenty years later, he continues to enjoy the great outdoors, making his position as fishing Captain a dream come true.

    Ling Cod Fishing  - Ling Cod Charters

    "Fishing Tips to Catch a big Lingcod"

    - Landing Big-Bottom Fish -

    Depending on the location and the time of year, lingcod can be caught over high-relief rocky structure in depths from 25 feet and as deep as 180 feet. Swim the lure as close to the bottom as possible, and keep it in that zone as long as you can. When fishing with us at Brookings Lingcod Fishing, we will give you the instructions on how this is accomplished. Sink the lure as quickly as possible, and when you hit bottom, work the bait with a medium-slow retrieve for about 15 turns of the handle. If you don’t get bitten, free-spool back to the bottom and start again.

    It seldom takes long to get slammed once you get your bait in the zone. As long as you keep reeling, the fish is going to think the lure is a meal trying to get away and that’s something this apex reef predator won’t stand for.

    Once you move a fish up off the bottom, just keep steadily grinding toward the surface without pumping the rod. When you do this, lingcod seem to come up almost willingly, but this often changes when they see the surface. Another reason regardless of how deep they’re hooked, so they often go crazy next to the boat don't let the fish break the surface of the water if it's hitchhiking it will swim away. If the lingcod let's go immediately drop down 6 to 8 feet and start jigging what you have on your line it will Take it again.

    Ling Cod Fishing  - Ling Cod Charters

    Get Ready! Ling Cods Sink Into That Bait!

    The Anglers Fight! This is an exciting fishing experience for your entire family. They will remember & want to come back each year for more. The Ling Cod is known for the bite! The Ling Cod will snatch that bait with a bit of wrath, they will hit it fast with the intent to swallow or chew off whatever bait they are hitting. So you have to be ready! I can teach you angling skills, we can all enjoy the day fishing & check out the beautiful views of Brookings, Oregon.

    Ling Cod Fishing  - Ling Cod Charters

    Big Ling Cod on the Bottom

    Ling Cod are found on the bottom, they occupy rocky areas at depths of 32 to 328 feet. Tagging studies have shown lingcod are largely in localized areas. So its natural they like the bottom the best, it is their territory & it’s where the Lings bite most often. I've been fishing for most of my life, I'd love to share my angling skills with you and your family. Everyone comes away with a really great fishing experience they can revisit from year to year. Our Fishing Trip prices are most affordable than most Guides in the area of Brookings, Oregon.

    Ling Cod Fishing  - Ling Cod Charters

    Double the fun - Lingcod Fishing Trips

    Ling Cod Fishing  - Ling Cod Charters

    Ling Cod Fishing Charters

    Ling Cod Charters  - Ling Cod Charters

    That grin should tell you everything! The biggest catch of the day. Let's keep fishing! Call David at (541) 698-7029

    Ling Cod Fishing  - Ling Cod Charters

    2007 Angler Caught Monster Lingcod!
    The 82.6 pound Lingcod fish handed him the world-record.

    In 2007 Robbie Hammond caught the world record sized lingcod, weighing in at 82.6 pounds and 55 inches, beating out the old record in 2002 by just one pound. Can you imagine catching such a fish? He must have been pretty excited on that Charter that day. I would like the opportunity to guide you on a similar fishing day where you can catch your big fish, possibly breaking records & enjoying the best fishing trip of the year. My goal is for you to enjoy yourself so much, you return year after year sharing your fishing experiences and bringing along friends and family.


    "Ocean Charters"

    We Do The Best Ocean Charters Trips

    Super Deluxe Ling Cod, Crab Trips

    Are within a 30 mile round-trip from the port of Brookings. The cost for this trip is $150 per person.
    This is a disclaimer that needs to be added, any and all mixed groups on the boat must agree upon a trip package before we leave the port of Brookings.
  • Cost for these trips $150 per person
  • Includes all the bait and tackle for Ling Cod
  • No additional charge for fish/crab cleaning
  • Minimum group size 2 people per trip
  • Maximum group size is 6 people per trip
  • Private charters for the whole boat with 2 people is $400 a day
  • or more up to 6 is $700 a day.
  • Give me a call let's go fishing and we'll have a great time. Thank you Captain David

    Reservations: A 50% deposit is due at the time of booking to confirm your reservation date. The balance is due at the time of the trip.
    "No shows" will forfeit the deposit.

    While we try to be understanding about emergency situations, we are a small, family run business. Many of our guests have become thrilled to fish for Pacific Northwest chinook salmon and steelhead on Oregon's famous rivers. The timing and arrival of the runs allow top quality fishing from September through May. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the many opportunities we offer throughout the season. We also invite you to our photo album pages.
    Cancellation notices received less than 14 days prior to trip have refunds based on the availability of rebooking that date, less any fees incurred. If we are able to fill your cancellation then your deposit will be applied to a future fishing date. We will work hard to fill your dates and many times have someone on "standby" but there are no guarantees that we will be able to do so. Any refunds will be processed in the form in which they are received. Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express are gladly accepted for your convenience.

    We are Located at:

    16408 Lower Harbor Road, Dock D10,
    Brookings Oregon 97415
    In The Port of Brookings

    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3261,
    Brookings Oregon 97415

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    • Captain's Licensed Coast Guard for 17 Years Coast Guard Auxiliary for 13 Years
    • National Association of Charter-Boat Operators for 17 Years
    • South Coast Fisherman Association Member